Fort Myers Orthodontics Orthodontic Emergencies & Discomfort

In some cases, an orthodontic emergency could arise. If the emergency is serious, connect with us right away. At Lakes Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, we make ourselves available for our patients when this happens – which is very rare. Some orthodontic emergencies can be easily solved at home.

Food Caught Between Teeth: How To Handle

food caught between teethIf you have a piece of food caught in your braces, and are having trouble removing it, it isn’t a true emergency, but it can be uncomfortable. We will train you on the use of dental floss, and how to dislodge any pieces of food that have gotten stuck between your teeth, or under your braces.


Ligatures Come Off (Rubber Bands or Wires)

food caught between teethWhen a ligature (the bands or wires) falls off, it will need to be either replaced or put back in position. It may be possible to put it back in place with a pair of tweezers (sterilize first!).

When a wire has come loose, remove it with tweezers if you can. If it is sticking out and causing pain, use a Q-tip to bend it down so it will not irritate your mouth. Make an appointment with us so we can help you resolve this problem.

Discomfort with Braces

It is normal to experience some level of pain for a day or two after your braces are adjusted. It can make it uncomfortable to eat. If you are experiencing any pain after your braces are adjusted, eat only soft foods, and rinse your mouth with warm salt water frequently. Your mouth has to get used to wearing the braces; being careful about what you eat, and using salt water rinses, helps to “toughen up” your mouth.


Some patients may develop sores in the mouth. While braces don’t directly cause these sores, the presence of braces can be an irritant for some people. If you develop sores or areas of irritation, place some topical anesthetic (such as Orabase or Ora-Gel) onto the area of irritation with a cotton swab, and reapply as needed. Most areas of irritation will resolve fairly quickly.

lost wire or ligatureIrritation When Eating

New braces can be irritating, particularly when eating. To relieve this irritation, we can provide you with “medicinal wax.” Putting this wax over the area that is creating irritation usually solves it, and the wax is not dangerous if you or your child should happen to swallow it in error.

Protruding Wires

lost wire or ligatureIf a wire comes loose, it can be irritating. Push it into a more comfortable position with a Q-tip. If you can’t move it, cover it with medicinal wax. Let us know so we can make an appointment right away to address the loose wire. It will only take us a few minutes to put it back in place for you.

Brackets Came Off

The brackets on braces are attached to the teeth with a special adhesive. Call our offices at once if a bracket falls off so we can reapply the adhesive. Push the bracket back into place with a Q-tip.

We Respond Fast in Emergencies!

We take our responsibility to our patients very seriously. If a problem arises, contact us so we can act fast to get it resolved. These issues are rare, but if something happens, we are here to help.

*Photos courtesy of the American Association of Orthdontists