Fort Myers Orthodontics Braces for Adults

At Lakes Park, we don’t just treat children – we work with adult patients as well! If you have lived with a specific jaw or alignment problem and are ready to resolve it, get in touch with us. In order to make your experience as positive as possible, we offer the most advanced treatments, specifically developed for adults. Our adult patients often want to improve appearance and self-confidence, or enhance their smile. Gaps in teeth, crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, jaw problems and other orthodontic issues can all be resolved.

Adult Orthodontic Problems

Our adult patients come to us with various problems that need resolution. Some of the common orthodontic issues we can treat include:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Jaw pain or pressure from misaligned teeth
  • Crooked or overlapping teeth
  • Spaces between the teeth
  • A wider smile

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

Many adults we see are interested in getting treatment, but do not want to wear metal braces. We offer several treatment options that are extremely popular with adult patients, including:

  • Clear braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Invisible teeth aligners
  • Invisible braces
  • Metal braces

Advanced Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

We offer some of the most advanced treatments available for our adult patients. We focus on making your orthodontic treatment faster, generally pain-free, and invisible with the following treatments:


Invisalign is a popular treatment options for adults. You may be a perfect candidate, and a first appointment allows us to determine if these invisible teeth aligners are right for you! Invisalign can resolve a range of orthodontic issues, including gapped teeth, crowded teeth, turned teeth, overbite, underbite and crossbite.

Damon® Smile

Damon Smile is one of the most advanced treatment options for adults. These aligners go beyond just straightening teeth – they enhance the aesthetics of the face, and bring you a wider, more beautiful smile by eliminating those dark triangles at the corners. They are discreet, comfortable and easier to keep clean. Additionally, they are also available with clear plastic brackets.
There is no need for elastic bands, making the entire process much more comfortable and effective. If you want to fuller, wider smile, straighter teeth, or have crowded teeth, Damon Smile could be the perfect treatment for you. Results tend to be faster, more comfortable, and require fewer office appointments.

A Perfect Smile

Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is important for your overall health and well-being. With correctly aligned teeth, brushing and flossing are more effective, and it is easier to maintain gum health. Your smile is your greeting card, and the first thing people notice about you. Ready to get that perfect smile? Contact us for a free initial consultation.